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Nipple Enlargement

Nipple enlargement is also commonly called nipple augmentation. There are a wide variety of reasons that people want their nipples enlarged and there are an equal number of surgical methods used to accomplish the task. Surgical nipple procedures are gaining popularity.


Nipple surgery as a stand-alone procedure is minimally invasive and usually quite easy to recover from. The surgery is done as an outpatient and often under local anesthetic. It is more common for women to have nipple surgery in combination with a breast augmentation, breast lift or breast reduction surgery. Since the nipple is being surgically altered anyway during these procedures, it can be custom re-designed to fit the wishes of the patient. Make sure to discuss this option with your doctor if you are thinking about a more invasive breast enhancement procedure and have thought about nipple enhancement.


Nipple augmentation can be accomplished through several surgical methods. Minimally invasive procedures can be utilized to implant fat and other tissue under the nipple, giving it an elongated appearance. Tissue grafting involves the placement of skin and cartilage from another anatomical location and is also a popular modality of nipple enhancement. Severing the milk ducts from the nipple is an easy procedure that will allow the nipple to project farther outwards, but always comes at the expense of losing the ability to breastfeed.


Usually a surgeon will perform a nipple enlargement in order to match the size and shape of the nipple and areola with the breast size, providing a natural appearance. Some patients, especially women may desire very large nipples. This can often be accomplished non-surgically with injections of collagen or silicone.


Approximate Length of Procedure: 1-2 hours


Approximate Cost: $2500


Average Recovery Time: 1-2 weeks

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